Furious Stylez - The 30 Traits Of A Solid DJ.

* Owns tried and tested, industry standard commercial grade equipment.

* Has at least one assistant, paid an average of $75 per event.

* Is willing to meet in person for you to interview prior to booking.

* Knows the technology he/she owns and is able to troubleshoot failures.

* Shows up well in advance of all other vendors to properly setup and do a sound check if required.

* Is undeterred by disruptive guests, obstacles or unforseen issues.

* Has the talent to host an event properly and appropriately.

* Is able to represent his clients and their families with dignity.

* Knows the value of preparation, especially when it comes to music programming.

* Does not play music from unreliable sources on the internet.

* Conceals wires and eye-sores so as not to be seen in photos.

* Does not consume alchohol or smoke while on the job.

* Is well Composed, appropriately Groomed and Dignified in his attire.

* Speaks warmly and naturally and is never ostentatious or theatrical.

* Is sensitive to the need of proper volume, tone and clarity.

* Is able to multi-task under pressure as a DJ, MC and Coordinator.

* Knows how to make segments flow and feel natural to guests.

* Can create a smooth mixes using timely, fittied, unforced transitions.

* Discerns how critical Energy and Variety are to a Dance Floor.

* Knows when to simply do nothing and let the moment breathe.

* Deserves to be paid adequatly so that he/she can provide for their family.

* Cannot run an honest business and charge less than $1000.00.

* Offers only those services they are truly experienced with.

* NEVER misrepresents himself by sending a Subcontractor.

* Is invested in the Development and Outcome of each reception.

* Deserves a modest Gratuity for fullfilling your expectations.

* Carries Insurance for when meeting expextations are impossible.

* Has suitable transportation and or a reliable back-up plan.

* Never cuts corners or otherwise compromises his/her standards.

* Leaves everyone wanting more even after he/she has gone home.

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